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Hello readers. I love putting together the Chronicle each month because I get such good feedback from the community. The last couple of issues I have personally delivered over 1000 copies to mail boxes and around town and most of the time I get a friendly response. However when I delivered the March issue one place took offence - apparantly I wasn't friendly enough after delivering 1000 copies in the rain and sun. Thankfully they are the minority. Your support and eagerness to receive the new edition of each Chronicle keeps me going.

I wont be delivering 1000 issues for April issue as I have found someone to help me. Thanks for all the enquiries about the job.

Enjoy March, it's supossed to be Autumn, but still feels like summer.

Click here to view the March 2019 issue.

Deadline for the April issue is 4pm Monday 18 March.


Coromandel Business Association policy:
The purpose of the Coromandel Town Chronicle is to showcase the region and its people. The Coromandel Town Chronicle is open for everyone to contribute however the editor reserves the right to select the articles, advertisements and letters that are published in line with the Coromandel Town Chronicle's publication policy. 


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The Coromandel Town Chronicle is published by Jude Publishing Ltd on behalf of the Coromandel Business
Association. Up to 3100 copies are printed monthly and are distributed free to letterboxes in Coromandel town and
by rural delivery from the Thames Coast to the top of the Coromandel Peninsula. It is also available free at peninsula
information centres and Coromandel town shops.

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