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Writing an article


Do you want to send in some copy for publication in the Chronicle?

The Chroncile is open for everyone to contribute, so do not be scared that you are not a "writer".

If so here is a guide to writing and submitting:

- Start with a heading.
- then who article is by.
- then write your piece - keep it under 600 words.
- keep article written appropiate to the day it is written, not day the chronicle comes out (i.e. don't pretend that an event has happen just because you know it will have by the time the issue is out), use the phrase "by the time you read this XXX will have happened" if neccessary.
- write as you would talk - "I did this..." - not in 3rd person.
- if relevant include contact details at the end of your article.
- Content should be about current events or be of interest to a cross-section of the local community.  Any content that denigrates people, groups or organisations or is otherwise offensive will not be published. 
- Save as a .doc or .docx word doc, or cut and paste into an email.
- Supply print quality picture if relevant and if you have one - as a jpeg attachment on the email (not embedded into a word document.
- Then email to by the deadline - check deadline dates here.

If you have any queries then please contact me.

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