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2nd or 3rd Monday of month prior to issue. Exact dates listed below.

Delivery takes approx 4 days to complete.

Issue Deadline Delivery commences
January 2019 Monday 9 December Friday 27 December
February 2019 Monday 14 January Friday 25 January
March 2019 Monday 11 February Friday 22 February
April 2019 Monday 18 March Friday 29 March
May 2019 Monday 15 April Friday 26 April
June 2019 Monday 13 May Friday 24 May
July 2019 Monday 17 June Friday 28 June
August 2019 Monday 15 July Friday 26 July
September 2019 Monday 19 August Friday 30 August
October 2019 Monday 16 September Friday 27 September
November 2019 Monday 14 October Friday 25 October
December 2019 Monday 11 November Friday 22 November

















See advertising page for ad rates and conditions.

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